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Summer 2017

House Rules & Details



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Avon-by-the-Sea Board WalkThe Lee House  ...on Woodland Avenue in the first block from the Ocean


 The Lee House

Summer 2017

House Rules & Details:





Telephone 732.502.4500 or 911 in case of Emergency.


The Lee House has an up to code Smoke Detector System.

You will find a Fire Extinguisher on each floor. 

Please become familiar with their location.





ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING is to take place in The Lee House or on a porch.

Smoking is allowed in the back yard only, far away from The Lee House.    





ABSOLUTELY NO CANDLE BURNING is to take place in The Lee House or on a porch.

Candle Burning is allowed in the back yard only, far away from The Lee House.   


An ignited out door fire pit, fire place or the like is is not permitted on the property.





The beautiful Stained Glass Window on the stairs is



The screen doors on the Back Entrance are delicate.

Please use the door knobs to prevent a hand going through a screen.





When a rain storm comes up,

check which direction the weather is coming from

and close all the windows on that side of The Lee House.

Please check each side of The Lee House.  





Two sets of keys are supplied.

When leaving The Lee House, at any time unoccupied, please lock the doors.

The Cellar Door, the Dining Room Door and the Bather’s Entrance Door lock from the inside only. 


If locked out of The Lee House, please ring

1.800.205.7739 or 202.222.8030. 






Please be very careful to keep food from going down the kitchen drain. 


Please rinse dishes well before putting them in the Dishwasher.


Refrain from having food on upper levels.





You are welcome to use the gas Grill.

The Grill must be a safe distance from The Lee House and the Carriage House / Garage Apartment.

When using it, please leave it where you found it.

Clean the Grill and cover it after use.  


If you empty the gas tank please refill it.

Taylor hardware store on Main Street in Belmar can refill the tank.





Only pre-approved small dogs & pets are permitted at The Lee House.

Dogs are allowed in the yard, on the front porch & first floor of The Lee House only dogs on the second or third floor.


The Town of Avon requires you to keep your pet leashed

at all times when outdoors.


All poop must be picked up!

When walking your dog, & bagging the poop,

please be certain to put it in a waste bin belonging to The Lee House …not a neighbors. 




Nothing is to hang from the knee walls on the Front Porch or any porch railings.

Hang towels, etcetera on the Clothes Line in the yard.


If it is raining, or a particularly damp evening, please bring the front porch

chair cushions inside The Lee House. 


The Lee House, including the Porch & Entrance Areas must be kept

free from items that could be a hazard.

The gas Grill is NOT to be moved off the lawn area.

Under no circumstances is smoking or burning of candles allowed.





No jumping on the beds!


Each bed is made up with a mattress pad, pillow(s) & bed cover.

Leave the blankets in the bedrooms.


If you hang wet towels on the door knobs they will stick to the doors.


If your child pees in the bed (as we know they will do from time to time),

please use a plastic sheet to protect the mattress. 





Please remove all sand before entering the house.

Rinse sand off bodies at an outside shower / hose before

entering the house and then use the Bather’s Entrance on the Front Porch.   


There are two outdoor showers in the back.

If someone is in an outdoor shower you may wish to let the bather

know when you are turning on the hose.

The cold water in the outdoor shower will practically disappear when the hose is turned on!


If your clothes are sandy, hang them on the clothes line to dry and shake them out before washing.

It is very important to keep sand out of the very old indoor plumbing!

No sand is to go into the Washing Machine in the Cellar.

Do not put sandy, wet towels in the Dryer, please hang them on the Clothes Line.





It is important to use the outside showers whenever possible.

Sandy bodies must not bathe in a tub or indoor shower.

Sand causes terrible problems with the indoor plumbing.


Please be careful not to flush any double layer toilet tissue,

Kleenex, baby wipes, flushable wipes, etcetera down any toilets.

Absolutely no tampons or any other sanitary products may be flushed.

Anything other than single layer toilet tissue will cause an enormous problem …we promise.

You must let everyone who uses The Lee House understand this rule!


If you hear a toilet running please do your best to get it to stop.  …Jiggle the handle!

If a facet is dripping, shut it off.

The fixtures are old and there are certain sinks that are more prone than others …you will notice.





You will find Garbage Cans with lids in the back drive way.

Please place garbage inside a closed garbage can.

Trash pickup is Monday & Thursday morning.

The night before, please pull trash cans to the drive way entrance.


The Town of Avon will collect recyclable items on the first & third Wednesday of every month.

All recyclable Bottles and Cans must be place inside the identified Recyclable Trash Can.

As with the trash, the night before, please pull trash cans to the drive way entrance.





A dehumidifier is provided for use when it is raining or damp outside.

It is simple to operate & will drain into the utility sink.



An extra refrigerator & the Electric Panel are in the Cellar.





You will find a washer and dryer in the cellar & a clothing line in the yard.

Please remember to keep sand out of the washer & dryer machines.





Bed Linens & Towels are supplied.





You will be provided with start up quantities of rolls of toilet paper,

paper towels, sink soap, trash bags, dishwashing detergent, & liquid dish soap.

Cleaning supplies, vacuum, broom, etcetera are in the hall closet on the second floor. 


Housekeeping is not provided.

We encourage you to hire a cleaning service if you are

not interested in cleaning The Lee House.

If a small pet has been permitted to stay, their hair & odor must be removed

from the furniture, floors & rugs.










Some rooms, closets, & cabinets are locked.

Please refrain from opening them.





Please store bicycles, surfboards, beach chairs, & other large items

under The Lee House on the west side.

We have not experienced a theft problem, although,

we understand it is best not to leave bicycles out in the open unattended.





Parking in the yard is for your exclusive use.

Please park your vehicles on the gravel area.

Large trucks, campers, boats, etcetera are not permitted on the property.

Parking in the Lane is not permitted. 






Yes, there is Air Conditioning!

...and, a ceiling fan has been installed in every bedroom.


You may find you do not need to use a ceiling fan and air conditioning.

If you open the bedroom doors & windows you will discover a fantastic breeze will come through.

Many of the rooms are connected and if you leave all the bedroom doors open it can actually get chilly.

 ...Not to worry, you must not go from one room to get to another, every bedroom has a hallway entrance.  

Careful, without the use of a door stop, you may have slamming doors!


Window airconditioners are installed to cool each room in The Lee House.





The Lee House house telephone number is 1.732.775.8222.

You will find a portable telephone in the kitchen.

The range of the telephone will allow you to go to the second floor,

the Front Porch, & a bit of the yard.

If someone rings looking to lease The Lee House

you may wish to refer them to 1.800.205.7739.

The cost of the telephone & any additional long distance charges will be deducted from the deposit.





The only cable hook-up is in the Sun Room where Basic Cable is available.


The Lee House has internet service.

The wireless connection is in the Sun Room.

The codes to connect may be found on a clip board in the kitchen.






Please respect the quiet & peaceful atmosphere.

The Town of Avon does not permit loud or amplified sound after 10:00 in the evening.

The Town strictly enforces this rule.

If a citation for a noise ordinance violation is issued the payment of any fines incurred will be the responsibility of the occupants at the time of the issuance.





You may wish to be careful walking in bare feet in the yard.

The Lee House has holly trees that provide nice privacy, but they have nasty leaves.


A lawn person will arrive on occasion to maintain the lawn. 


Please water the flowers at the front entrance.

A watering can is available for your use. 





If an electrical outage occurs during a storm you will need to check

the Electrical Panel in the Cellar.

You will find a flash light in the Kitchen.


Electricity and Water are included in the rental rate.  There is no additional fee unless otherwise negotiated for a long term lease.




If an accident occurs and something breaks, please let us know.

If something is not operating properly, please let us know.





Tenants live in the lower and upper apartments in the rear Garage Apartment.

There is a utility room on the lower level that will be used only by

the owners & Carriage House tenants.





Check in time is at 3:00 pm ~ Check out time is 10:30 am.


The house must be left in the condition you found it.

This includes returning all furniture to original position & making sure

the house is as clean as you found it. 


Empty & clean the refrigerator.  


Put the dishes in the dishwasher & turn it on or hand wash the dishes.


Remove all trash from The Lee House.

Please put all bagged trash in cans with lids attached.


Contents of The Lee House will be inventoried at the time of departure.

If damage is found or property is missing a damage price

is assessed and charged against the deposit.


Please make up the beds with the mattress pad, blanket, pillows & bed cover only.

If the blanket is not on the bed, please fold & put in the

bottom drawer of a dresser in the same room.


Dirty linens and towels should be piled on the floor on the second floor landing.


The Lee House is not responsible for accidents or articles left behind.





There are no cancellation refunds under any circumstances.

There is no refund for early departures or weather events or other acts of nature.




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The Lee House

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